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Pilates in Victoria

At Aria Health and Wellness Clinic, we believe in a multidisciplinary approach to health care, offering chiropractic care, massage, and Pilates, a systematic form of movement developed by Joseph H. Pilates over 60 years ago. Designed to stretch, strengthen, and uniformly develop the body, it helps prevent future injury while reducing or alleviating chronic pain.


How We Help

Whether you’re a complete beginner or advanced in the world of Pilates, if you have a set of objectives and goals you want to achieve, we can help you get there. Our instructors are trained in the authentic method as originally designed by Joseph Pilates.

Pilates is a corrective exercise system created by Joseph Pilates using specifically designed apparatus; these exercises focus on developing the core muscle groups, teaching us to move our limbs from a strong middle also known as our powerhouse or center. Aria is equipped with classical Pilates apparatus including Reformers, Mats, Cadillac, Chairs, Barrels and other smaller pieces. The equipment offers resistance to the body with springs and provides support while challenging the body’s control of movement. Pilates offers a full body workout and when practiced regularly will balance the body’s posture using concentration and coordination of the body’s muscles.

Joseph Pilates intended for his system of exercises to be called Contrology, today we call it Pilates after the creator himself. He believed physical fitness was a prerequisite to happiness and with time you will learn how to acquire control of your own body. Classes and private lessons are taught in our movement studio.

Our Studio

Our street-front studio is inclusive of all people, no matter what your level of physical ability might be. The movement studio is private and separate from our main clinic to provide privacy and an enhanced workout experience. We use Gratz and Contrology apparatus to be as authentic to the classical method as possible.

Private and Semi-Private Lessons are available by appointment. Small group mat class available, please get in touch with us for the most up-to-date schedule and to book your class today. There are no drop-ins at this time.

person doing pilates

Benefits for All

Pilates is an excellent form of movement for all bodies of all ages and fitness levels. With consistent practice of the method, and learning proper breathing techniques, your work helps decompress the spine, increase circulation, promote new neuromuscular patterns, heighten body awareness, and increase coordination and endurance in the body.

There are many reasons why Pilates is a popular form of low-impact movement:

  • Improves balance, posture, strength and flexibility, and core strength
  • Helps those with mobility issues (walkers, wheelchairs)
  • Promotes lifestyle changes (poor posture, too much sitting)
  • Pre- and postnatal care
  • Rehab after injury or post-surgery, and helps with conditions like scoliosis
  • Complements cross-training with other sports
  • And more

What We Offer

Aria Health and Wellness Clinic maintains a classical apparatus Pilates studio that offers options to suit everyone’s needs and schedules. With private & semi-private lessons, & small group classes, you’re sure to find the right one for you.

Current Schedule

Class Day & Time
Privates/Semi-Privates By appointment Monday – Friday
Mat Class (In-person & Virtual) Friday 9:30am-10:20am
Open Studio (Private Lesson Required) Monday 12:30pm-1:45pm, Thursday 11:50am-1:05pm & 4:45pm-6pm

person during pilates class

Our Options

Using Gratz and Contrology equipment, as originally designed by Joseph Pilates, we offer several options to obtain the best results at every level of fitness. These include:

  • Privates: our most popular, one-on-one training with our teacher on the apparatus. Your sessions are based on your fitness level and unique physiology. Great for beginners up to advanced students.
  • Semi-Private: train with a friend or family member! You’ll both receive in-depth training from our teacher on the apparatus to help you achieve your fitness goals. This option is suitable for all levels of Pilates experience.
  • Open Studio: a small group setting, students follow their own individual series of the Classical Pilates exercises, being assisted by a teacher as needed. Focus is on the equipment and based on your individual needs.
    *Prerequisite: Participants must have a basic understanding of the Pilates repertoire using the classical equipment. A minimum of one to three private lessons (or a consultation) is required for all *new students* interested in taking part in Aria’s open studio classes.
  • Mat Classes: a great way for students who have a base knowledge of the classical mat exercises to deepen their practice. This progressive fitness training focuses on deep core muscles, strength and flexibility. The movements are designed to use the strength and resistance of your own body, so no specialized equipment is required.
  • Hybrid model: classes are offered in person and virtually. Virtual students can opt to do the class on their own time with the provided recording.

Book a Class

Pilates is great for improving your core strength, posture, flexibility and coordination, and can also aid relaxation, manage stress, and reduce anxiety. Please contact us for availability and to book your next lesson.


Pilates Downtown Victoria BC | (250) 384-8038