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New Patients

Aria Health and Wellness Front DoorAt Aria Health and Wellness, you’ll feel instantly welcome in our family-friendly, warm atmosphere. We see patients of all ages and levels of health, from babies to expecting moms and athletes to senior citizens.

Below, you can read more about what to expect if you’re a new patient for chiropractic, massage or Pilates.

Chiropractic Care

We’re hoping you’ve brought the kids with you so that they can play in our children’s area. During your chiropractic appointment, our team will keep an eye on them so that you can let the stresses of life melt away and have a few moments that are just for you.

We’ll have some forms to fill out, which our staff will explain to you and assist you with. You’ll go to an exam room to meet Dr. Amar, who will go over your health history, what has brought you in and what your goals are. An examination will also be performed, and if indicated, you’ll receive your first treatment.

At a subsequent appointment, you’ll meet Dr. Amar to review the findings of your exam and your proposed care plan, continuing with a treatment at each follow-up visit.

Massage Therapy

All first-time massage patients have an hour-long appointment so that our massage therapist can get to know you and your health concerns. You’ll fill out some forms, then go into a private treatment room for a brief health history and examination. You’ll receive your massage and discuss any follow-up care with your massage therapist.

Home care exercises or other activities may be prescribed to enhance the effectiveness of your treatment plan.


If you’re new to our Pilates classes, you’ll have some forms to fill out which our staff will explain and assist you with. Then, you’ll meet with our instructor to discuss your goals. Those who haven’t done Pilates before will complete a private lesson before entering classes so that you understand the basic exercise principals. You can also schedule private and semi-private lessons. You and our instructor will decide together on a routine that works best for you.

Client specials are available for anyone new to Pilates at Aria Health and Wellness. Contact us today to learn more!

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