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Massage Therapy in Victoria

The team at Aria Health and Wellness Clinic offers you a multidisciplinary approach to health that combines chiropractic care, Pilates, and massage therapy. Our team of skilled registered massage therapists is ready to meet you and build an effective treatment plan to reach your health goals.

Massage therapy involves the manipulation of soft tissue and joints to promote your health, balance and wellness. It fosters relaxation and blood circulation, prevents injury, relieves mental, physical and emotional tension, and supports and enhances your entire system.

What Are Some Benefits?

Manipulation of the body’s soft tissues can help relieve various soft tissue ailments, and can be used for therapeutic and relaxation purposes. It helps with soft tissue injuries, pain/discomfort during pregnancy, and can be great for reducing stress.
Many conditions can be addressed and managed with this type of therapy. Visit the Registered Massage Therapy Association of British Columbia for a comprehensive list.

Most extended health care plans cover RMT. Check with your insurance company before your first appointment to check whether you need a referral from a doctor or midwife.

Techniques Offered

We have three RMTs on staff, and the following methods are available:

  • Swedish is one of the most common types available. It helps energize the body and improve overall health.
  • Deep tissue applies firm pressure and uses slow strokes to address deep layers of muscle and fascia.
  • Myofascial release focuses on alleviating pain in the myofascial tissues.
  • Trigger point therapy releases painful tension in muscles and fascia considered a “knot.”
  • Pre/postnatal helps alleviate back strain and headaches, and ease postpartum stress.
  • Sports targets areas of the body strained by strenuous and repetitive movements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should someone coming for this service prepare for their visit?

Please wear comfortable clothing, and be prepared for a thorough exam and history. Non-scented oils are typically used, but our therapists are trained to treat without oil if you prefer. 

Our clinic is inclusive of all people and their needs. Our goal is to ensure that we are helping you reach your goal. We strive to resolve not only the symptoms, but also the cause of the issue.

Will I have to undress completely?

No, though many clients choose to do so or leave their undergarments on, you are encouraged to undress to your comfort level. 

Do you recommend chiropractic and massage?

Yes, they both complement each other, and work harmoniously to help keep the body properly aligned, balanced and functioning at its peak.

What will I experience during my session?

It depends on the techniques your therapist uses. Your session may start with broad flowing strokes to begin the relaxation process. Pressure will gradually increase to relax particular areas and release tight muscle bands. 

The deep tissue method or trigger point therapies use deeper pressure and more intensive methods. Because we want to ensure the pressure is within your comfort level, if you would like to receive less or more pressure at any time, just let your therapist know.

How long are sessions?

We offer appointments in 30-, 45-, 60- and 90-minute increments. Your first visit will be booked as 60 minutes to ensure there is enough time to complete a full exam and provide treatment.

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