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Custom Orthotics in Victoria

person walking in tennis shoesIf you’re suffering from foot or heel pain, shin pain and even back pain, we’ve got a secret to fill you in on-you might be a great candidate for custom orthotics-and getting them has never been easier.

At our practice, we’re proud to offer a variety of orthotics that fit your lifestyle & needs.


The Process

If you’re coming to us for orthotics and are already a patient, we can begin with your appointment right away. For new patients, we’ll want to run through a new patient assessment to take your health history and figure out what’s really going on in your body in order to make the best recommendations for your care.

When you visit us, we’ll begin with scanning your feet while you stand still and while you walk, which provides a great deal of information as to how your muscles and bones are moving and which areas are receiving too much or too little pressure for optimal function. Next, we’ll show you the findings and whether or not orthotics can help. If so, we’ll talk about our recommendations and place the order. You can return to pick them up in just a couple of weeks as they’ll need to be custom-made.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can orthotics help with arch support?
Absolutely. Many patients with ‘flat feet’ benefit from orthotics.
Is orthotics covered by insurance?
Some plans do cover orthotics, typically one 1 pair every two years.

Who is a candidate for orthotics?
Patients of all ages are often great candidates, from young school-aged athletes to adults and seniors.

Schedule Your Scan Today

We’d love to see you in the practice soon to discover how custom orthotics can benefit your feet and overall spinal health! If you’d like to learn more about the process, don’t hesitate to contact us today to book a visit.



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