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Save Your Back With These Cleaning Tips

stones stackedRather than a bothersome, back-breaking chore, cleaning gets your body moving while tackling a necessary task. Here are some valuable tips to ensure your back stays strong and healthy while you clean.

Maintain proper alignment

When cleaning, it’s crucial that you maintain a straight spine as much as possible. If we’re cleaning the tub or mopping floors we will often turn into a hunched-over position to take care of the task. One of the easiest ways to keep the spine straight is to create a hip hinge— bringing glutes and core backward to get lower to the ground instead of hunching over your back.

Warm up your body

Most people won’t think of warming up before cleaning as they would before working out at the gym or running, for example. They’ll likely go right into cleaning without taking any time to stretch or mobilize the body beforehand.

We recommend that you do some exercises or stretches to warm up prior to cleaning. A good stretch is to lie on your back and draw up one knee at a time toward your chest. This action will help to open up the low back. You also can reach your arms up overhead and decompress the spine. You’ll feel some strength and lengthening from that. Shoulder rolls are also helpful.

Take multiple trips

If you’re like many people, you’ll attempt to carry multiple bags of groceries or soil bags for gardening. Doing so can strain the body. Instead, take several small trips and carry fewer bags. Plus, if you carry too much, you risk tripping, which will create further issues as well.

Use both sides of your body

We all have a dominant hand. That’s why we will be more likely to use the right side of our body while cleaning the tub, washing the floors or another cleaning task. If we don’t use both sides of the body for cleaning, that will place uneven stress on one side of the body. We encourage you to do a little with the right hand and a little with the left hand to evenly disperse the work on the body and not create an unbalance.

Divide up your tasks

Instead of setting aside an entire day such as a Saturday or Sunday to clean your whole house, consider doing a little bit on different days of the week. By breaking up the cleaning tasks in manageable chunks, you’ll avoid creating stress and strain on your back and the rest of your body. If possible, enlist other family members to help. You’ll get the cleaning done quicker, allowing you more time for your favorite activities!

Getting adjusted regularly also can help keep your spine healthy. Contact us today to book an appointment.

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