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Get Rid of Your Headaches With Chiropractic

man with headache on bedMention chiropractic and you probably think “back pain.” While chiropractic does, indeed, do an excellent job of alleviating back pain, it also helps with many other conditions, including headaches. We see many patients who come in seeking relief from headaches.

Making Everyday Activities Difficult

Getting dressed for work. Driving. Getting out of your car. Daily activities such as these can become challenging for someone dealing with chronic headaches. Not only can headaches make it hard to tackle your daily tasks, but they also can affect your well-being.

Determining the Type of Headache You Have

With chiropractic, we can help identify what kind of headache you’re experiencing. Here are the three most common types:

  • Tension headaches. This type of headache forms as a band of pain across the forehead. Associated with tension and stress, these headaches are widespread. From dealing with work-related demands to family issues, so many people in modern society are under considerable stress.
  • Migraines. These intense headaches are often accompanied by sensitivity to light. Many migraine sufferers also experience nausea and vomiting, making it difficult to carry out activities of everyday life.
  • Cervicogenic. A misalignment in the neck is the cause of this type of headaches. With chiropractic care, we can realign any segment of the neck that is out of alignment.

Headache Management at Aria Health and Wellness

The first step in getting help for your headaches is coming in for an appointment. We can determine the type of headaches you have and help to manage or alleviate them. With some patients, we refer them out if we think there’s a better solution or co-manage a patient’s headaches with another practitioner.

What to Expect

We will perform a postural examination to help identify the root cause of your headaches. These often stem from a postural distortion that will put extra stress on the neck and muscles.

Care also involves adjusting a fixated segment of the spine. We can adjust using manual techniques or a gentle tool technique. Soft tissue therapies are also effective as these will help decrease muscle tension and help you get back to normal.

As education is a crucial part of what we do at our clinic, we will educate you on lifestyle habits such as stress reduction. We believe that finding balance within life is critical.

We also can provide stretching routines and talk about diet as some foods that can trigger headaches. These include red wine, chocolate, aged cheeses and gluten. Once you learn what your particular triggers are, you can avoid them.

If you’re looking to get natural relief from your headaches, contact our practice today to schedule an appointment.

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